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Friday, February 28, 2003  
Snow days, for me time off, yes. Walking out your front door and skiing around your property there is something to be said living in Texas. Too bad it was really ice.
Sleet snow, I'm going for broke making sure to get my money's worth out of my skiing equipment ;D

Really want some unique snowflakes, go for it. Via crunchland.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003  
My hair, I finally had it cut. I decided to give the ladies what the want, length.

From to Now.


Thursday, February 13, 2003  
Valentines Day, aw… how sweet… a history line, yet, not sure of the truths or legends. Once read that the card exchanging idea of today, came from the 1800’s as it was a day to give a card of slander, but intended to be a joke without being sued in return.

Looking at my last couple of posts maybe I should add. The two I asked, to be my valentine are Dottie, my mom’s mom & Touch my dad’s dad, my two single grandparents.

As a single guy I will just walk aimlessly around and ask; Mehbe yooo could show us your schnoopy, eh?

Single guys should never leave in permanent print, words from the soul. Why?, because as true as they are, they come from a heart speaking for the lust to love.


Wednesday, February 12, 2003  
Gee I hope my valentines are a worthy gift. The last time these two were without a sweet-heart the world was wrapping up its II World War. Wonder what folks gave back then; candy, flowers, marbles or I bet, homemade from the heart.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003  
Ok, sent out two valentines, asking them to be mine. Yes, sent two valentine cards out. It's all about numbers, right. To an older woman and an older man. No get your mind from the gutter.

It should be ok as this is the first year my grandparents have both been single for some time.

Why do folks say, Old Dogs can’t learn new tricks.
Really, I notice a trained older dog will not jump on you to be petted, they just lay there for you to pet them.
Nor do they need to be told to do their buisness outside of the home, instead they go to a door and wait.
Nor do they bark for you to feed them, they just stare & wag their tales.
Nor do they hump your leg. They know better, they'll be kicked.
I say, Old Dogs can learn new tricks.

Noway!, am I growing old.


Update - I was hoping to include a pictures but, my buddy flaked. This woman I mentioned before. Well I saw her down the road at a lil bar. A co-worker even said, Thom, she looks like the panhandler-lady-missionary at the intersection of Dallas Parkway & Spring Valley Rd.
There you have it the other location I saw her. I've seen her one time more since then. She was wearing a cow outfit without the head & holding a sign for a leather furniture store sale.

Nice to see her holding a sign I know to be true. Meeting her in the bar, she was a lot lovelier than on the street.

I’m going to have to give up this game I made. Or cheat, but why, quitting may be easier. As every time I realize, I’ve done it, well, common you don’t expect to see a gorilla story thrown in with this interview.
It is impossible unless I close my eyes & ears to the world.

Then I’m sure to dream them, monkeys.

Monday, February 10, 2003  
Anyone else seeing these yellow things. Not a fan nor an enemy of SUVs. Why's: owner pays for it; gas, insurance, large payments for something they might not really need. Plus 4X4 is not cheap nor is its up-keep. Why's I can't hate them: growing up we had these, a boat. Ok, we did try to make them smaller.
I've been told buying on impulse is a way for an adult to relive one's childhood. That's it, the color, shool bus yellow.

O' yea living one's youth again. Riding the bus ...Another one rides the bus-ah. Hey! He's gonna sit by you. Another one rides the bus.

Friday, February 07, 2003  
This thread, made me realize what A US War & The US Judicial System lack; swiftness & fairness.
What? The innocent do the time while the guilty go free.


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