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Wednesday, January 29, 2003  
I saw this thread. Then it hit me, how easy it is in a discussion to find out folks ages. Well ever tried asking a woman her age, not that a gentleman would, but they are tricky about these things.

Bring up a topic that all are able to relate too. Then stand back to let them spill a point in their life when this happened. Thus allowing you to calculate a time line that gives you their age. For Example JFK’s assignation, my mother generation hearing that fact alone will follow it with, the wheres & whens of their lives at the time.
Now to try this. Oh! why bother, really, most folks give me their age upon request. How old are you?


Saturday, January 25, 2003  
...test..123, mmm very slow.

Sunday, January 19, 2003  
This is weird odd or just something to go hmmm, that's strange, a mail, dilemma.

This is how it started out.
I get a call in the morning from my dentist. The call: Thom this is your dentist office, did you move? Me: No. Office: Well, we just received back your appointment reminder postcard. Me: Why? Office: Can't remember what was marked just we had it returned and we tossed it, but we want to remind you by phone you have your appoint on this day see you then. Me: Ok, and takes mental note, hmmm.

Later in the day, I received an e-mail from an Aunt, E-Mail: Did you move? Your mail came back saying: no such box, return to sender. I reply by e-mail: No, here is my address. Aunt’s e-mail reply back: ...but that’s the same address, what’s your new address to where you moved to now. Me: My brain hurts…!?!

Here is what is odd. Let me back up so you may understand the hmm, that's strange. My dentist has you fill in your address on the post card while they search their calendar for your next appointment to schedule. Then the receptionist gives you a nice little sticky, a picture of a tooth with a reminder to affix in your calendar, these I like as they also have the Doctors office info; business hours & telephone. Then she files the post card to be mailed later. Again I filled out the address, not her so again hmm.

Now after receiving the phone call & e-mail I called the post office to make sure everything was ok on my end. They did verify some mail was returned but not held or notes taken for the whys?, again hmmm.

The post office and I came to some conclusions which I could see happening. As my mail carrier was on vacation; mixed the wrong address for a move or read the address wrong, you fillin the mistake. So ok, that is life, O’ well.

Now for the Hmm?!? With many scenarios I thought I figured this out. Now, I get home and guess what my appointment from the dentist was there in the mailbox, so the hmm.

37¢, I bet no one is humming with me: HmmmM?!? . But where else in the world may you send a letter 2,462 miles (3,961 km), the distance from Los Angeles to New York for 37¢


Friday, January 17, 2003  
E-mailed Thom, agree and would elaborate more but you caught us walking out the door for San Diego, The Super Bowl.
Me: Ok..wait.., I'm the sports fan in the family and leaving two weeks prior.
Oh yea they mention driving, must be for their work. Well sell some for me...or bring me back one...


Tuesday, January 14, 2003  
Oh, I almost earned me a banana this weekend for my post, not seeing a monkey for the day. But least not, right before going to bed, my news ran a clip involving this. A double post for me, saw it two days earlier, hee hee and dang it, too.

Monday, January 13, 2003  
Watched the football games in the snow. Where?, my front yard. I placed a TV in my bedroom window then viewed them from my Jacuzzi, 30 ft. away. What a great winter treat...

I have not had that much snow on my TV since using rabbit ears.

Monday, January 06, 2003  
Newsfilter: I saw a blip on CNN, the ranking of the fattest cities in the USA. Dallas, Tx. was ranked in the Top Ten near the BottoM. He he he…

Saturday, January 04, 2003  
A childhood memory of mine was every year attending Silverodo Days. My friend’s dad ran the cotton candy machine for the Lion’s club. This was our home while at this festival because once in a while portions of cotton candy escaped out for us to grab. MMmm! Fresh warm cotton candy so sweet to the tastes, you agree?

The other day I tried a cotton candy flavor Popsicle, bluck. It’s like having soup on a stick, frozen.


Thursday, January 02, 2003  

Only a few years in to the 21st Century, it seems we have adopted the monkey as the mascot for this century?

I notice this mammal in my daily life. Sure on the web I visit 9622.NET but hey, take away the Internet and I still see some type of monkey business. For example the Ralley Monkey that rallied the baseball team the Angels to becoming The World Champion Angels. Now I'm not anti-simian, it's just they're now even in car comericals for KIA, the sale monkey you're now seeing on TV.

So my new game for the year is to try recording the days I don’t see any type of monkey business in my life.

PS If I believe in Darwin’s theory on evolution that we came from monkeys. Have I already lost when I see myself in the mirror this morning…


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