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Thursday, December 26, 2002  

The time out chair, oh my!

Too fun to be a traditional time out chair!! With the squeeze of the left hand, this monkey chair plays a 30 second medly of Frere Jacques, three blind mice, and row row your boat.

Beats the nose in the corner... Who made these time-outs?, that's for sports. Hey, this is great for the monkey in any tike. As it has to annoy the parents after some time. Tikes love to make sport out of annoying adults, you agree? Maybe that's why the chair is a monkey, He He he...

This is has to be fun for the tike too. Sit'in to nursurary rhymes. You squeeze the monkey's hand to make I thought all monkey's uncles said that: squeeze my finger...

Found by anathema.


Thursday, December 19, 2002  
Anybody besides me noticing the whisky adds of late. Various brands, some of them are new to my ear. Now I did not take note, ok they may have been on my cable channels. It just struck me as odd and even pointed out to me by a drinking-buddy. Must be the holidays or just Hard times with the Economy to advertise Hard alcohol.

Monday, December 09, 2002  
News: mabe noe mor mispeling en hour fourin lannds en tha footure.

Mor phunnie engrish siteings sean hear.

Note: posted in engrish.


Tuesday, December 03, 2002  
A Quick Health Tips on Eating Fish W/O Being a Rocket Scientist or Reading Pages of Info
· You have heard about getting your Omega3 oils from fish.
· You have heard about mercury in our ocean fish.
· You have heard about Salmon good in omega3 oils but the farm-raised fish usually doesn’t contain much omega3 oils but that's not the half of it.
· So what is true or why should I care, I’m healthy. Well to be honest you may eat whatever you want; just don’t diet in my opinion. No matter what you eat, you’re still going to die, sorry. But I do find that healthier food tastes the best.

1. Yes, our fish in the ocean are tainted with mercury. Look at the whales and how they have been affected, tremendously. But that is just it; the larger fish absorb more mercury. So you want to avoid your larger fish on the menu from the ocean. Like halibut (my favorite) Tuna, Swordfish and the like, large size fish. Sea Trout, Sea Bass, Mackerel and Salmon (we will get back to salmon too) are fine as they are smaller fish so they absorb the least mercury. Now in the USA the FDA only allows 1 % per contamination of mercury into the fish to be sold as ok (may be missing a decimal point or two, but the numbers are correct in ratio to each other with the follow countries). Yet in Europe it is much tighter with .5%, but Japan only allows .3% the strictest of all. No rocket scientist facts here, larger fish more mercury contained inside the fish. Your choice lies in the size if your health conscious, again I will eat the Do NOTS, just less. Also some of this mercury is from natural sources least you think it the human’s entire fault, but around civilization it is mostly our fault.
Note: Children because of their physical size and growing developments should consume one can of tuna a week, per the FDA and also for pregnant woman.

2. Salmon, here is the scoop. The FDA has decided all salmon has to be marked “Alaskan Salmon” or “Farm Raised Salmon” or “Salmon”, which means farm raised too. The thing about farm raised salmon is the flesh will be white not pink like wild salmon. I don’t know about you, red, it has no flavor for me. So the flesh is dyed with red dye added to these food pods that are then feed to the farm raised salmon. (I wonder about dog food too now, as they look the same) It is an easy health guess here. Also here is the deal with this fish food being made of soy, which because of that supposedly does not give the fish the full amount of omega3 oils normally found in the wild. This info can be found on the web very easy if you want more on the topic. Again no rocket scientist facts here, red dye yuck. Again, not marked Alaskan then farm raised.

I did all this above as I have read a lot on these topics and heard more too. But the facts are really simple with out having to explain to some one your rocket science facts to back them up so they will believe you, as it’s plain common sense sorting out these facts here. I myself will just cut down on Tuna, Halibut (just found it finally in the stores around me), and try to buy mostly Alaskan Salmon the pricier one. Paying more for healthier choices seems to be a common in life for me.

The Internet can back all these facts and I’m sure stir up some more facts as well. For me if I were going to spend the bucks, I want the tastier and healthier choices; otherwise I would just go to my freezer section and buy processed fish, mmm Pollock, one of the most abundant fish used for resale. Really, yuck is what my friend Donavan told me after working in the Alaskan Sea a full season, as they were the junk fish, the fish burger you find at McDonalds. I bet they contain little amounts of mercury though.


Monday, December 02, 2002  
Folks down on their luck looking for charity not a problem with me, I even give a buck or two.

I have this corner I drive by frequently, Preston & Beltline that has some charitable drama on its corner of late. I‘ve noticed as the seasons change so does the drama.

The Old Woman in a Light- Blue Windbreaker in Distress

This very sweet looking old woman presents herself as a clean, neatly dressed missionary with good spirits waving a cardboard sign that says, doing missionary work, became separated from my family please help, need $ for a bus ticket home to all the passing motorist. Also seen at Beltline & Toll Way too. But wait didn’t I see this several years back at another corner, Toll Way and Spring Valley around 5 years ago, same sign too? With her is always a black Hefty Garbage bag with towels and clothes hanging out of it.

A ha…the next day I come by this corner and am reminded right away by her presence. As I see a Hefty bag which I can now see has some rags and a milk crate inside. Then there are several unopened cans of food sitting there too. She is nowhere to be seen then it hits me. The hefty bag is her prop then too a place for her butt to rest. The food well, with out a receipt is non transferable to money for her, so useless. (Recording this as I realize I’ve seen her doing other panhandling routines.)


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