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Tuesday, September 10, 2002  
To all whom had there lives disrupted by the events of 9/11/2002 thank you for your sacrifices. I will remember it by the irony of the date,

Please think, as everyone involved weather military or civilian as a Warrior. We lost, Airline Personnel, Department of Defense Personnel, Fireman, Family, Friends, Government Officials, Military Personnel, Policeman, Past Victims, and All the Professionals of the World Trade Center Towers from these terrorist acts. So please they are not victims, again Warriors. To all the fallen Warriors I salute you, as you sacrificed the biggest, your life. As being a part of this generation I hope the significances of a memorial or reminder dates is recollection that is appropriate. Memorials represents a battle cry to be aware of those whom made a sacrifice for us, my friends, not an object or time to ponder sorrow, nor revenge. You may want to feel sorry for yourself or get even, but a Warrior dies with dignity, head held high and with the courage from the knowledge that God’s will is our Peace.
This view from A Mililitary Man's Perspective in hindsight is to be looked at as words of prevention not words of finger pointing. Please remember history can repeat itself. So if we forget to record it for future evaluation, history shows were doomed.


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