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Wednesday, August 21, 2002  
Rented a great, Dark Comedy. The dark side of this comedy is you wouldn’t laugh in real life, I couldn’t laugh at any dysfunctional family. I liked it in this movie, how having knowledge of the cast, made you chuckle. Good use of a narrator for revealing the deep comedy of the plot and to insure your chuckle. Both the above can be a down side, yet they were a success to the overall feel and make of the flick. Greatest part of any Dark Comedy, after THE END rolls, your chuckle rolls to a large laughter. So the movie is over and you’re still laughing, the value is in the memories. E ticket for sure.

Please read, The Decay of Manners why? I'm hearing the sky is falling. Have we as Christians forgotten to look at history for our future. What do I mean, well the BiBle is a history lesson for us to look at and live by. Thus having peace in God's Will for us today, not some time in space that only God lives in, eternity, our future. So with that, if you think this world is ending soon, remember God has His Plan. Ask yourself, are we really to know all?. No, I think not as God would have given you a specific date. How do I know? He is always on time folks, he did create it, time. As you read this, think of today's technology in the world. So this article shows that the times are only changing in numbers yet they are the same personally. My bottom line, well it's in the article. Yes, a riddle for brain stimulation. Do not take this personally I'm sharing what I hear everyday in the world, yet this was not written of late or from the BiBle (more riddle hint). originally posted, 8/16/2002

Creation of time. We are all in there somewhere. Do you see me?
originally posted, 8/13/2002


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